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escape the ordinary and retreat to our perisher chalet accommodation

Enveloped within the pristine setting of the spectacular Perisher lies a very unique lodging, our beautiful chalet accommodation that provides a break from the norm and an experience of the exceptional, exclusively designed for you. Here I sit, imagining myself sitting comfortably in front of a fire while gazing at the snow-capped mountains. The warm days are long gone and no more room for boredom; it is now winter wonderland in Perisher.

What is Perisher?

Perisher is situated in the picturesque Snowy mountains within the state of New South Wales, specifically, it is among the most frequented winter sports destinations. It has the largest skiing resort in the South Hemisphere and the tourists will be able to find different tracks to accomplish any level of skiing they may possess. As is true to most ski fields, Perisher is capable of providing for all categories of skiers, be it the first-timers or the most experienced ones.

Picturesque alpine villages, beautiful views and scenic landscapes of Perisher allow tourists to enjoy the tranquility of the mountain region far from the noise of the modern world. The fresh and clean air of the mountains together with adrenaline pumping when enjoying the skiing or snowboarding makes the holiday memorable to all the enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world.

Apart from skiing and the other challenging activities that are almost synonymous with the alpine region, travel enthusiasts can also visit beautiful shops in Perisher, taste the delicious cuisines, and participate in other fun activities like snow shoeing and tobogganing. While Perisher may not be as vast and boast as many activities as Thredbo, the following attractions show that Perisher can indeed deliver relaxation as well as adventure and is therefore the perfect holiday getaway.

Benefits of Staying in a Chalet

Deep in the snowy terrains of Perisher we feature our delightful to-go chalet style accommodation for an unparalleled experience. They could take a scenic view from their glass window as they wake up to find themselves in the middle of some alpine views.

Spending the night in a chalet also offers an enchanting form of accommodation for tourists, as it creates a personal atmosphere where visitors can relax after a day of skiing. Our chalet has the most comfortable furnishings that are complemented by the large welcoming living spaces; with roaring fireplaces.

Down in this very station as others run from work and errands for a busy day, come and revel in the peace of Mother Nature. Whether your one is in search for a romantic escapade or a fun-packed family holiday, then our pretty chalet will comfortably let you capture your wonderful time.

Enjoy delicious dishes by our cooks, which are waiting for you, or just have a glass of wine with a fire in the fireplace. Some of the provisions include; The personalized services and contingence botherations will make your stay an exceptional one.

Features and Amenities of Our Perisher Chalet Accommodation

We are delighted to introduce you to our warm and inviting perisher chalet accommodation– for Many of us, the mountains are not just a place where we live or work but something more than just a home or workplace.

Accommodation offered in our chalet includes a spacious, luxurious; fire place in every room to create atmospheres during that cool season especially for those who do skiing.

Take shots of water in our private hot tub that has magnificent views of the surrounding peaks covered with snow or take a warm shower in our sauna to be treated.

Relax your nerves by taking quality meals in our well-equipped kitchen with professional chefs and a comfortable dining area.

Free Wi-Fi is available around the chalet and for more fun stay entertained with the home theater system, TVs, DVD, music player, board games among other amenities.

Looking for an adventurous traveler? The hotel provides ski-in/ski-out solutions for those looking to get to the snow-covered slopes whenever they want to.

Find yourself enveloped in a delicate blanket of comfort and absolute leisure when you are with us in Perisher’s most luxurious chalet accommodation.

Activities and Attractions in Perisher

To this region, they can be sure that the Perisher, which is located in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, is full of activities and things to see and do that will leave your winter vacation unforgettable.

For the snow lovers, the Perisher has more than 1,245 hectares of the ski-domains and belongs to the largest skiing resorts in the world; it consists of four interconnected resort areas. This means that skiing is not only for the experts but it is also for the learners, which are all over the skiing fields.

In addition to alpine skiing and snowboarding, there are numerous other ways to have fun, for instance snowshoeing, tobogganing, and scenic chairlift rides where people can inclusively sightsee the vast mountains.

For the laid back type of visitor, one can simply stroll around the houses and get a smelling coffee at any of the numerous cafes, or take a shopping tour around the village shops. For those who want more than skiing, delight in snowshoe tours that lead visitors through more scenic routes of the back-country.

Even if the person is not necessarily interested in skiing or snowboarding, Perisher has something to offer to any person who finds themselves in this snowy winter wonderland.

How to Book Your Stay at Our Chalet

Looking to have an adventure that you will forever cherish and unwind at our Perisher chalet accommodation? So if you are planning to book your stay then you do not have to worry about anything , it is very easy. Just, plan a visit to our website or freely contact our store to know the availability of the shop and then confirm the appointment. Those were some of the luxurious comfortable automobiles to travel along the railroad adventures, an amazing experience to not miss. This is the warmest welcome of our Chalet tucked in the picturesque Perisher valley amidst Snowy Mountain range and awaiting for your arrival for a few of the best days of your life. If you are looking forward to spending your vacation in the Echo Park neighborhood, then you’ve come to the right place – welcome to our hotel!

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